Beats Pack – 5 Beat

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    Terms of use samples or beats and make a profit
    (S) Samples
    (B) Beat

    (s) You can modify the file and create a completely new song, and you can make a full profit from the song and publish it everywhere where music can be invested and earn money from this work with complete freedom
    But it is not possible to add the (s) file to the YouTube ID, only this is allowed in the case of purchasing the exclusive license for samples

    (b) Beats can be used and earned money from and distribute your song on music streaming platforms unlimited
    It is not possible to publish (b) without recording a new song on it, and it cannot be published and attributed to you, and it cannot be added to YouTube’s identity
    In many cases, packages cannot be purchased from any beats as an exclusive license, but an exclusive license can be purchased from a gallery of beats that can be rented individually.

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