Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I purchase a melody and download a melody

Through the home page, listen in your comfort, choose the melody, choose the license, guest on the cart, then choose Pay. It will turn on the PayPal page to log in and then pay the amount.

What do the different licenses mean?

Different licenses The specific features, usage times, and licensing times differ via YouTube, so any license specifies different features and prices, and you must choose the right one for you and you can upgrade the license later.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept payment on PayPal – STC Pay – recharge card within Saudi Arabia.

I want to use Melody for my YouTube videos, what should I do?

You cannot use all the composers on YouTube, but it is not possible to make a profit from it, and all the profits belong to me even if your channel is not making a profit.

Do you create custom tunes?

Yes, we make custom melodies and start from $ 200 to $ 500, depending on the complexity of the melody and the length of the track. You can request a custom melody by filling out the form from here and start work after we received 50% of the melody fees and 50% after completion if you are a previous customer 30% before and 70% after Finished.

You have purchased exclusive rights. Can it be rented again or has it been rented out before?

No, just buying the rights of the melody exclusively, we do not rent it to someone else, but it may have been rented before you bought the exclusive rights, so you must allow them to make a profit from the content.

Exclusive rights to the previously rented tune have been sold out. Do I need to do something?

No, as long as the distribution number indicated in your license contract has not been reached, you should not be anxious at all. In the event that this point of sale is reached and/or more sales are desired, more rights can be obtained with a new sales ceiling with a new license or license upgrade. License owners of any kind of non-exclusive rights may upgrade their current license to the highest available non-exclusive license such as the license unlimited use.

I made a song on one of the palates. Can I send it to you for some comments?

Certainly! We are always happy to hear what our customers have made of Al Hani. Send it to us for some comments, and we may also share it on our social media if we really like it!.

I received a claim via YouTube while I purchased a license?

Yes, just publish the song. You will get a claim stating that the profits belong to the owner of the content despite buying a license. This happens because the protection works automatically. Once you download your song, copy its link and send it to us so that we allow you. It usually takes 24-46 hours. \ Info@san-beat.com.

Do you sell exclusive rights tunes?

No, because we do not sell exclusive rights only to rent and you can request a special tune instead.

You can get a refund for the money you paid to buy a tune

It is not possible to recover the money that was paid to buy a tune because just what you buy a tune you will get a download link and it does not carry a sound mark. You can use the tune without a free audio teacher. This violates my rights. What you need to think about how to get your money back dear does not include custom tunes.

Can you use the melody for free

Yes, all the tunes can be used for free, non-profit use, meaning it is not possible to make a profit from all the works that are used.

Does the license expire or for life?

Yes, all licenses expire after 10 years from the date of purchase. You can renew the license again and get a 50% discount on each license.